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2024 International Conference on Language Research and Communication

The 2024 International Conference on Language Research and Communication will be held on September 20-22, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme of the conference mainly focuses on language research and communication and other related research fields, aiming to provide an international cooperation and exchange platform for experts and scholars in related research fields and enterprise development personnel to share research results, discuss existing problems and challenges, and explore cutting-edge technologies. We sincerely invite experts and scholars from universities and research institutions at home and abroad, entrepreneurs and other relevant personnel to contribute and participate in the conference.

August 20, 2024

Submission Deadline

August 25, 2024

Notification Deadline

September 1, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 15, 2024

Listener Deadline

Welcome to Join ICLRC 2024

If you would like to publish your latest research and make a presentation, please submit your full text.

As an author

If you want to share your latest research results by giving a presentation without publishing papers, please submit your abstract.

As a presenter

You are welcome to participate in the conference as a listener to get the most cutting-edge industry knowledge. 

As a listener 

To ensure fairness and guarantee the quality of ICLRC 2024, we cordially invite experts and scholars to join us as reviewers.

As a reviewer

Conference Publication

All submissions to the ICLRC 2024 will be reviewed, after a careful reviewing process, the registered and presented papers will be included in The ICLRC 2024 Conference Proceeding. 

# Review Policy
ICLRC 2024 Editors perform an initial review of the manuscript's suitability to ensure the submission falls within the scope of the conference upon receipt. The topic is out of the conference will be rejected immediately. The papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed by 2 or 3 independent reviewers. Reviewers evaluate submissions based on the requirements of the conference proceedings, predefined criteria, and quality, completeness, originality and grammar of the research presented. Acceptance is granted when reviewers' recommendations are positive.

Topics of Interests

Cultural Communication:

•    Anthropology
•    Brand Marketing
•    Communication Science
•    Cross cultural communication
•    Cultural Inheritance
•    Cultural Innovation and Change
•    Cultural studies
• Digital Communication Technology and Application
•    Drama and Film-and-Television Literature
•    Journalism
•    Journalism and Communication
•    Media management and management
•    Network and New Media
•    Propagation Behavior
•    Public Relations

Language Studies:

•    Artificial Intelligence in Language Learning
•    Bilingualism and Multilingualism
•    Cognitive Linguistics
•    Corpus Linguistics
•    Discourse Analysis
•    English for Professional Communication
•    Intercultural Communication
•    Language Acquisition
•    Language Assessment
•    Language Planning and Policy
•    Language, Culture and Society
•    Neurolinguistics
•    Phonetics and Phonology
•    Psycholinguistics
•    Semantics and Pragmatics
•    Syntax and Morphology
•    Technology-enhanced Language Education
•    Translation and Interpreting


To register as an author, you're supposed to submit your full paper to the conference first,  once your paper gets accepted after review, then you can register to get it published,also you get to present your paper at the conference orally.


If you just plan on making oral presentation at the conference without pulishing your research work, then you should register as a presenter for participation.


The channel for listener registration is open till September 1, 2024.  For delegates who're interested in attending the conference but without any paper to present or publish.


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